Nigel Ten Fleming Nigel Ten Fleming founded and served as Chairman of Athena Diagnostics (AD), a leading provider of advanced neurodiagnostic tests, used for neuromuscular and metabolic diseases. In 1995, the company was acquired by Athena Neurosciences/Elan Pharmaceuticals where Dr Fleming joined the Business development group, and in-licensed Carbatrol ®(230 M sales) and the Lidoderm Patch® ($1.0 billion after divestiture). Athena was sold to Fischer Scientific International in 2006, and in 2011 was resold by Goldman Sachs to Quest Diagnostics for $740 million.

Since 1999, Dr. Fleming has served on various boards, including: Exemplar, Impax Labs (Nasdaq: IPXL), Genmedica Therapeutics, A-Cube, Minoryx Therapeutics (as Chairman), and the Institute for OneWorld Health. He earned his PhD in Clinical Biochemistry from Cambridge University, did a post-doc at Boston University Medical School, and was a Lecturer at Harvard Medical school and Tutor at Harvard College. He is the inventor on various issued and pending patents.

Mike Doodson has over 20 year’s experience as a senior operating manager with Merck & Co. Inc. in the United States and Europe. He held a variety of leadership roles including Finance Director of MSD UK and Managing Director of MSD Belgium (both subsidiaries of Merck in Europe) and Vice President of Merck’s US Human Healthcare Business. His specialties include pharmaceutical pricing and reimbursement issues and he has managed negotiations with payers and government authorities in the US, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He has also lectured on these topics to academia and in public meetings. As an operations manager he has focused on strategic planning, information technology as a productivity tool and sales implementation issues, including the creation of an internet physician detailing operation.

Mr. Doodson received his degree in History & Economics from the University of Bristol (UK) and was a Fellow of the (UK) Chartered Institute of Management Accountants.

Ted Lanpher has been involved as a founder and key executive in a range of entrepreneurial ventures in the area of respiratory and allergic medicine. He founded and served as CEO of AirWays Medical Technologies, a developer of pulmonary diagnostic instruments and patient education programs for respiratory disease. After the acquisition of AirWays by Circadian Corp., he led the definition of the AirWays Asthma Center program, and its rollout at over twenty clinics in the U.S. He served as the founding CEO for AirLogix Inc. The AirLogix service grew to become the largest disease management program in the respiratory field serving over 400,000 patients. He served as COO for Aero Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical manufacturer, and a consultant on outcomes for allergen immunotherapy to the Joint Council for the AAAAI and ACAAI.

Earlier, Mr. Lanpher was Director of Marketing for American Photonics and a Marketing Representative for the IBM venture Satellite Business Systems. He taught English at the Institute for International Studies in Fujinomiya Japan and was a staff assistant for the in-house management training program at NASA Headquarters.

Mr. Lanpher received a BA in Administrative Sciences from Yale University, and MBA from the University of Virginia. He holds several patents related to medical devices, respiratory drug delivery and healthcare information systems.

Bob Cook's career in the life sciences industry has included extensive experience in sales and marketing as well as founding and acting as an advisor to a number of pharmaceutical and device companies. He has worked within brand, generic, OTC and API (active pharmaceutical ingredient) segments of the industry. After starting as a detail salesman with Parke Davis, he joined Borden as Sales and Marketing Manager selling to allergy physicians. He then joined Syntex for 23 years serving variously as: Product Manager for Methakote and Naprosyn; Co-General Manager for the Infant Nutritional Products Division; Product Manager for Nasalide, Bronalide, Kato and Anaprox; and the Group Director of Reproductive Physiology and Dermatological Products. During his last ten years at Syntex he managed the company's joint ventures with UCB and Rugby Laboratories, and led the establishment of the Syntex Generics division.

Mr. Cook co-founded ScinoPharm International Ltd, a Taiwan based manufacturer of APIs, and served as SVP of Business Development and Marketing and Sales. ScinoPharm raised over $300 million in capital and made its IPO in 2011. It is now a major supplier of APIs to leading global pharmaceutical companies and a recognized leader in manufacturing quality. Mr. Cook has been an Advisory Board Member of Raptor Pharmaceuticals, Aero Pharmaceuticals and StatSure Diagnostic Systems, and he has served on the boards of Copley Pharmaceuticals, and the Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Association.

Bob received his BS in Biochemistry from Johns Hopkins University. He served in the U.S Navy as a UDT member (SEAL), and played professional football with the Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Colts.

Douglas Evans is an attorney and business executive with extensive experience in both early stage technology companies and large multinational businesses. He has held corporate legal staff positions at IBM, Mitsui & Co., and Sega, and practiced law at Nishimura & Asahi in Tokyo, and Morrison & Foerster in San Francisco. Mr. Evans has assisted a number of startup ventures, including Dotcast, where he served as President and successfully guided the launch of the company’s wireless distribution technology in a nationwide network operated through a consortium of The Walt Disney Company, Cisco, and Intel.

Mr. Evans received his J.D. from Northwestern University. He holds an LL.M. in European Community Law from the University of Amsterdam and a BA from the College of William and Mary.